Other Holidays

Among the many Jewish holidays we celebrate at Temple Sinai, we invite you to join us for:

Simchat Torah
After parading our temple’s torahs around the sanctuary, we unscroll an entire Torah and take a fascinating tour of its visual contents. As per tradition, we conclude with caramel apples for everyone!

We gather outdoors to decorate our Sukkah, enjoy a BBQ dinner, then celebrate with a family-oriented service.

A fun, eclectic dinner featuring Chinese food, latkes, and donuts! There will be games, singing, and a beautiful communal candle lighting featuring dozens of menorahs.

Tu Bishvat
We celebrate the “birthday of the trees” in a story and song-filled seder modeled on the Passover seder, sample the seven species mentioned in the Torah, and enjoy a delicious Israeli-style dinner.

At this community-wide service and dinner, we relive the story of Exodus with storytelling, symbolic foods, and uplifting traditional songs.

A carnival for all the kids, and a musical shpiel for everyone!