Religious School Programs

Our ReligiousSchool seeks to nurture a commitment to Judaism through hands-on experiences, Jewish practices, and Torah study. We provide a foundation of Jewish literacy, embrace our different connections to God through prayer, and strengthen the religious and ethical choices of our students based on knowledge of Jewish values, traditions, and history.

Our Programs

My Family and Me (pre-school age children) – This monthly session is for three-to-four-year-olds and the adults who love them. Each session features cooking and eating a treat related to a Jewish holiday or theme. Then, while the kids play, parents discuss issues related to raising Jewish children with the Rabbi.

Religious School

 (K – 7 grade) – Religious school classes meet Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 12:30.  Curricula are designed around specific Judaic topics that vary for different grades. Over the course of eight years, students will receive rich exposure to Jewish history, the Hebrew language, Israel past and present, the Bible, Jewish life-cycle events, all the major holidays, and much more.

Hebrew School (4 – 7 grade) – As their study of Hebrew intensifies, students start attending Wednesday afternoons in addition to Sunday mornings. Our Hebrew curriculum comes from Behrman House, the world’s largest publisher of Jewish educational materials. Our focus is fluent reading and comprehension of the basic prayer service.

Metivta (8 – 10 grade) – Named for an Aramaic word meaning “argument”, this mature program meets Sunday afternoons to dig deep into thought-provoking subjects. Every quarter students sample courses such as“Conversational Hebrew” and “Cooking through Jewish History.” By completing an appropriate variety of classes over the course of 8th, 9th, & 10th grade, our young adults reach Confirmation, which is celebrated in front of the whole congregation.

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