Welcoming Interfaith Families

Q: Do you have many interfaith families at Temple Sinai?

Yes! We warmly welcome interfaith families to Temple Sinai where religious diversity, and all forms of diversity, are embraced and celebrated. We want every one to feel welcome here, regardless of their religious beliefs or background.

Q: What about my atheist or agnostic partner? 

In addition to many interfaith families, Temple Sinai has many members, Jewish and non- Jewish, who are openly atheist or agnostic. There are many joyous and meaningful aspects of temple life beyond one’s personal spiritual beliefs.

Q: When we join Temple Sinai, will my non-Jewish spouse be expected to convert?

Absolutely not. At Temple Sinai we are grateful for the support and participation of all our wonderful “Jewish-adjacent” members. We believe that conversion is a personal decision made only after heartfelt consideration. If however, someone does eventually wish to convert, our clergy will guide that individual through the conversion process and the congregation will joyfully celebrate if and when that step is taken.

Q: When we join Temple Sinai, will my non-Jewish spouse be considered a member?

Yes. When a family/couple joins Temple Sinai all immediate family members are considered full temple members. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate on all levels, including holiday celebration, participating on committees and all aspects of temple life.

Q: What will be the status of my children in the Jewish community?

Since 1983, the Reform Movement has recognized the children of either the Jewish parent (mother or father) as Jewish if they are raised and educated as Jews. There are many children in our congregation’s Religious School who have other religions in their extended families and our teachers have been trained to be sensitive to this.

Q: Are parents who are not Jewish welcome to participate in their children’s religious school experiences? 

Absolutely! Jewish tradition places a high value on family life. We encourage all parents to be involved in their child’s religious school experience and we welcome your participation. Additionally, we offer specific educational programs just for adults designed to help parents learn and understand what their children are learning.

Q: Will my non-Jewish spouse be able to participate in our children’s bar/bat mitzvah?

Yes. At Temple Sinai we include the entire family. Both parents are welcome to pass the Torah to their child as a symbol of their support for Jewish education.

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