Jewish Film Group (via Zoom)


April 29, 2024    
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Attend the next meeting of TSG’s Jewish Film Group

We will discuss the 2011 film Our (Almost Completely True) Love Story. Please watch the film in advance and come prepared to discuss it.

Finding true love in Hollywood has always been challenging; it’s even more difficult when you’re no longer a young starlet, no matter how many movie-star friends you have or how many ‘Gunsmoke’ episodes you did. And if you’re a short funnyman with a face for radio, well, you can practically forget it. Still, true love can happen. A statuesque Hollywood icon and a Jewish leprechaun might just fall forever-after in love, if the stars align just right (and she laughs at his jokes). Click here for Zoom link.